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Somatic Breathwork™ 

Group Sessions

1.5 Hours

English or German

45€ - Online via Zoom

65€ - In Person

Join one of my Somatic Breathwork Group Sessions in-person or via Zoom and take part in a powerful Breathwork Session. Let go of suppressed emotions and stress from the past and integrate love and gratetude in your body.

No prior experience in breathwork is needed for this course and absolutely suitable for beginners.

Dates for group sessions will be announced on my social media channels.

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Somatic Breathwork™

1 on 1 Sessions

2 Hours

English or German

100€ - Online

150€ - In Person

In this private 1 on 1 Somatic Breathwork Session I create a safe container for you to breathe, release and unleash the self healing powers of your heart. I hold the space and guide you with the breath to help you let go of suppressed emotions – pain & trauma, guilt & shame. We awaken your heart and bring her in a coherent state, unleash her self healing powers with love and gratitude and integrate the new formed patterns into your nervous system. 

Break the chain of disconnection. Reconnect with your body and soul. Free your heart and begin to live a life filled with love and abundace. You deserve it!

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