The breath is a bridge between the conscious and subconscious parts of your being

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Your breath connects you...

with the somatic intelligence of your being. In my breathwork sessions we use simple circular breathing techniques, combined with rhythmic music to create space for a cathartic emotional release in form of screaming, crying or laughing.

The released energy activates the inner healing processes in your body. Suppressed emotional stress is processed on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

You feel a deeper connection to yourself and your life, creating more space for your personal and/or spiritual development.

heart to heart call

30 min. free discovery call

german & english

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Lets connect in a free 30-minute personal heart-to-heart call to answer all your questions about my work and my offers.

Heart to Heart Mentoring Session

90 min.

german & english

150€ - über Zoom

Looking forward to holding space for you in a 90-minute personal heart-to-heart mentoring session. Together we will create clarity about the obstacles and blockages that prevent you from being in your heart and see what will help you personally to regain more connection and inner peace in your life.

SomatIQ Breathwork 1:1 Virtual session

2 hours

german & english

155€ - über Zoom

SomatIQ Breathwork

Gruppen Session Online

2 hours

german & english

99€ - Online via Zoom

Nächste Termin für eine SBW Next breathwork group session will be announced here and on my social media channels.

Pranayama Virtual Group Session

weekly 45 min.

Montags 18 Uhr auf deutsch

Donnerstags 18 Uhr auf englisch

25€ - per session

Experience the mystical power of pranayama in a guided group session from the comfort of your own home. In a 60-minute pranayama session, we use our breath to clean all the nadis (energy channels) in the body and get our prana (life energy) flowing again. After the session you will feel energetically charged, more centered in your heart and clearer in your mind. The sessions take place weekly and are particularly suitable for breathwork beginners!

Pranayama Gruppensession Montags 18 Uhr auf deutsch und Donnerstags 18 Uhr auf englisch.

Breath : Awakening

7 days online course

in german

Pay What You Can!

The breath awakening - online course is a self-learning course for beginners to connect with the mystical power of your breath. In the course you will experience your breath as an effective and self-empowering tool to release suppressed emotional stress in the body, create more clarity in your life and restore a deep connection to yourself and your body.

Group Sessions, Workshops & Retreats

german & english


Dates and locations of the next group sessions will be announced here and on my social media channels.

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