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Unleash the power from your heart with the breath

In this private session you’ll get my full attention and connect with me online or in person on a deep heart level. I hold the space for you and guide you with the breath to let go of stuck emotions – trauma & pain, guilt & shame.

We breathe deep into your subconsciousness and unveil your shadows that are blocking your light from shining. We breathe together and we release together. I create a safe container for you, so that your body can let go of all the stuck emotions and shame from the past.

We will unleash your heart with the breath and awaken her self healing powers. We enter a state of loving awareness and manifest self love, acceptance and gratitude in your body.

Stop being controlled by anxiety, trauma and shame from your past. Free yourself and begin to live a life filled with love, inner peace and happiness.

Heart to Heart Session

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“I had little experience with breathwork and meditation until the session. After the first exercise I was surprised how strong it works. My whole body seemed to vibrate. After the session, I felt like I had lost tons of weight. I am glad to have experienced this session.”


Video Artist

There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there’s another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity


“An unforgettable experience, in a wonderful setting. Peace, serenity and depth. Thank you Samir for sharing your presence, energy and love with us.”


Ayurveda Teacher

“You teach with all your heart and after each practice I feel like a new person and ready to seize the day. Thanks to your sessions I also understand who I am on a deeper level. Thank you Samir”


Breathwork Instructor

Preis & Anmeldung

Anmeldung zum Retreat

Fülle bitte das unten stehende Kontaktformular aus. Anschließend bekommst du von mir eine Email mit den Zahlungsdetails. Mit dem Geldeingang ist deine Anmeldung verbindlich und dein Platz gesichert. Du erhälst dann eine Bestätigungsemail mit weiteren Infos zur Anreise und dem Programm. Bitte informiere Dich vor der Anmeldung bezüglich der Corona Regelung für Hessen. Zur Zeit herrscht 2G in allen öffentlichen Räumlichkeiten (Stand 07.01.)


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Welcome, my name is Samir. I am a certified breathwork trainer, neurobiologist and founder of ‘Let Life Breathe You!’, a platform on which I show people how they can regulate the nervous system in their body and dissolve chronic stress with the help of their breath. I combine methods from neuroscience with techniques from pranayama yoga that are thousands of years old. I show you how to unleash the strength of your heart, release trauma and pain from the past and cultivate inner peace. Everything is already within us to live a loving, healthy and joyful life. Let’s go on a journey together and awaken your power too. I am happy to breathe with you.

Lots of love, Samir

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