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Use The Power Of Your Breath

…to clear out suppressed emotional stress that lies dormant within your body and regain control about your life. Through a combination of powerful Somatic Breathwork practices with Ancient Yogic Breathing Techniques you’ll experience how to let go of suppressed energies in your body that are blocking you from living your highest self.

Join one of my breathwork sessions and awaken your heart, the center of your true self. Experience the power of unconditional love and gratitude and start your transformational journey now.

An unforgettable experience, in a wonderful environment. Calm, serenity and depth both in the breathwork and meditation. Thank you Samir for sharing your presence, energy and love with us.


Ayurveda Teacher

You teach with your heart and after each practice, I feel like a new person and ready to seize the day. I also have a better understanding of who I am on a deeper level. Thank you Samir!


Breathwork Coach

What is Somatic Breathwork

Somatic Breathwork™ employs circular connected breathing coupled with rhythmic music to produce a cathartic emotional release. This release may be in the form of moving, shaking, yelling, crying, or laughing. Using the breath, you will engage your innate ability to heal and sweep out any defenses, blockages, restrictions, or pains that hold you back from who you are and how you want to show up in this world.

I had little experience with breathwork and meditation until the workshop. After the first exercise, I was surprised how strong it works. My whole body seemed to vibrate. After the session, I felt like I shed tons of weight. I felt much more air in my body. I am so happy for taking part in your workshop and looking forward for more.


Video Artist

Next upcoming events!

About me

Hi, my name is Samir. I am educated in neurobiology and trained in modern breathwork and ancient yogic breathing techniques. In my work I  combine the Somatic Breathwork™ method with specific pranayma  practices to help you clear out suppressed emotiononal stress from your body and awaken the self healing power of your heart, the center of your true self.

Let’s go on a transformational journey together and learn how to let go of the past, to integrate selflove and compassion and to become a humble, conscious creator of your future.

Looking forward to breathe with you soon.

Much love, Samir

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