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as an effective and self-empowering tool to release suppressed emotional stress that lies dormant in your body to gain more clarity in the mind and a deeper connection to your soul.

My workshops, sessions and retreats give you a safe space to express the stuck energies in your body and to lead you back to inner peace and harmony.

client love

The journey to myself and the connection with my breath, my inner strength and love gave me even more clarity and trust in myself through the session. The clarity I felt at the end gave me deep peace and contentment


“Feeling and experiencing what happens when I surrender to my breath and my body expresses itself and releases the emotions that are stuck was beautiful for me and fills me with pure joy and gratitude.”


“I felt truly held and guided throughout the session in such a wonderful and peaceful way. Samir’s voice and presence is from another world.”


“The initial excitement quickly disappeared. Because from the very first moment I was gently taken by the hand and accompanied through the session with a lot of heart. I was able to trust completely and let myself go completely. A great experience!"


“I have no words except pure gratitude, peace and love in my heart! Thank you for this wonderful, powerful session.”


“It was so beautiful when you held the space for us and we were just allowed to let go. It felt so good. Thank you for this beautiful experience.”


Breathing with Samir was so warm and wonderfully guided and allowed me to feel further within myself. And the kind words and inspiration before the session accompanied me throughout the day and inspired me a lot. Thanks for the Opportunity.


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About me

My mission is to create safe spaces where you can use your breath to release suppressed emotional stress from your body and regulate your nervous system to create a harmonious and peaceful relationship with your self and life again.

My vision is a world in which we can live and express freely from our heart space and learn how to let go of old stories and patterns that are blocking us from our compassionate self. To create a deeper connection to life and our soul purpose and express and share our uniqueness with the world.

My expertise SomatIQ™ Breathwork, Pranayama Yoga, Ancestral Trauma Healing, Neuroscience

I am honored to hold space and breathe with you.

Everything is already within us to live a fulfilling, healthy and peaceful life. Our breath shows us the way.

With love, Samir

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